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Great youtube IOTA tutorial series


By Winston - 23 Jan 2018


By Robs84 - 2 Feb 2019

Yes they are very good and helpfull. Thx Mobilefish!
I am wondering why there are no official Iota tutorials out. This one is also not from the Iota Foundation.
If Iota would do more for the makers and other skilled fans, a lot more new cool projects would be made (e.g. tangle sheep).
For example Arduino is one of the most popular microcontroller boards and would work great with Iota, but there is still not one working library available.  Only a single iota fan is working on it, look here: https://ecosystem.iota.org/tutorials/running-the-iota-c-libs-on-arduino
Raspberry Pi and the Pyota library are both okay, but the creative maker guys prefer Arduinos because it supports more electrical periphery and analog Pins, also C is more pupular than Python. The Raspberry is the first choise of programmer.
In my opinion Iota does not do enough in this matter, especially because it wants to be the protocol of the Internet of Things.
This post is not meant to be evil or trolling, but intended to be a constructive feedback.
By VladEx - 5 Feb 2019

I didnt know that there is a tutorial for Iota, thank you for sharing. I need to watch it for sure
By IOTAfan1 - 27 Mar 2019

Tutorial of Snapshot and Attach to Tangle that's the real thing though, thanks dude!
By AnaMe - 28 Apr 2019

Wow, I found a lot of useful information while watching these videos. Thanks for sharing
By Helga - 29 Apr 2019

Yep, I agree. Useful videos. Worth to see them.
By Crypt0Pro - 22 May 2019

Such a comprehensive playlist for IOTA newbies. Thanks for sharing!