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Community Development Tracking Board


By Winston - 23 Jan 2018


"Dear all,
We have a lot of wonderful community development activities but we don't seem to have them all in one place. Many a times, many people ask for the same questions again and again.
Using this simple visual board, we can track all the ongoing development in the IOTA community. This will inspire people to create and contribute more too.
I have updated the information in sections under multiple labels. We can discuss on how to implement the sections and labels too.
Please feel free to contribute. The aim is to collate all information about completed, ongoing and future IOTA development in a simple to use board, so that everyone can track its progress; and future development projects.
I have included credits to most of the projects (At least the ones I could find on reddit and twitter), if I've missed any, please let me know. Regular contributors from this community interested in joining the team on Trello, please let me know, including the Official Community Managers. I will add you to the team on Trello.
Many of these projects / ideas are shared on Twitter, Reddit, etc.
Views and comments invited Smile"