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Using the API, server keeps returning "Invalid trytes input." Validator on the client side passes.


By mgebeily - 16 Jan 2018

Hey all.

I've been working using the API for a bit now, specifically on this node: http://node.iota.bar:14265

Every time I post to storeTransactions, I receive an error saying that my trytes are invalid. Here is the exact post payload from the network tab in Chrome:

command: "storeTransactions",
trytes: [
0: {trytes}



returns true. I'm wondering what exactly I'm doing incorrectly or if there are further ways to diagnose this error? I dug into the IRI code and I'm seeing that this message comes from a "false" value from the validTrytes method in the API class. I've run through all the conditions for validTrytes, however (is length 2673, matches regex [9A-Z]*) and it passes all of them.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

Thank you!