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IOTA sent Binance to Bitfinex never arrived but transaction "Confirmed"


By Willow - 9 Jan 2018

Hi, 2 days ago I sent IOTA from one exchange to another. I copied and pasted the address and it was a new address. The IOTA sent and now shows as confirmed, yet I haven't received it.

These are the details:

If someone could offer some advice I would be very grateful.

By Winston - 9 Jan 2018

I'll copy/paste my response to this same thread that was posted in the Help forum so that others in here can see what advice has already been given:

This address has had the incoming transaction confirmed on the tangle.

Since you sent the transaction from one exchange to another, this is totally in the hands of those exchanges. Everything on the tangle itself has already been resolved, as you can see by the confirmed incoming transaction in the address above. So I'd recommend sending a support ticket to one or both of the exchanges asking for assistance. You might get some more nuanced advice by posting about your situation in the Trading forum as well. Best of luck, and thanks for the question"

Hopefully there are others here in the Trading forum who have more specific advice or experience with a situation like this.
By Veily - 28 Jan 2019

Hi! How was the problem solved?
By Crypt0Pro - 8 Feb 2019

Veily - 28 Jan 2019
Hi! How was the problem solved?

Since it was posted last year, hope they found the solution.
By CryptoKing - 14 Feb 2019

This might be helpful