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latestMilestoneIndex is GREATER than latestSolidSubtangleMilestoneIndex.


By Mango - 5 Jan 2018

HI all,

According to http://iota.partners/   , "IRI API - SYNCHRONISATION"....the author says that a node is fully synced when LMI ==LSSMI.
In my case, the LMI [320172] is greater than LSSMI [316632].

I am not sure
a) what this means in the first place. i.e. what is LMI and what is LSSMI.
b) what is the significance of LMI > LSSMI.

i AM RUNNING A FULL NODE, and my question is --> What next ?? Is there anything full node runners can do ???

Thanks for your replies,
The Mango Guy