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My balance is wrong! An initial troubleshooting guide.


By DysfunctionalBoss - 3 Jan 2018

NEVER give your seed to ANYONE -- Especially if they claim they are an IOTA developer.
NEVER use an unofficial wallet.
ALWAYS confirm that you see the same three letter "checksum" when you enter your seed into the wallet to ensure you are always logging in without a typo.

1) Make sure that you are running the latest version of the wallet (currently, 2.5.6, as of the date of this post). You can obtain the offical wallet here: https://github.com/iotaledger/wallet/releases

2) Ensure that the node you are connected to is in sync. You can do this by looking at the two numbers in the bottom left corner of the wallet. Those numbers should match each other and also match the latest milestone index posted in the #botbox channel on the IOTA Slack. If it does not:
* Try a different node in the wallet by going to "Tools" > "Edit Node Configuration"
* If you cannot find a sync'd node, try a node listed on http://iota.dance/nodes

3) Validate that the address you received funds on is listed in your "History" > "Address" area. If you do not see your address listed there, attach receive addresses to the tangle in the "Receive" area. After each snapshot, you need to reattach each address you've previously used so that your wallet knows about previous transactions. Once you reach the address(es) that contain your funds, the balance will automatically update. If you do not see your address in the "History" > "Address" area after attaching enough receive addresses where you are positive that you've attached all of your addresses, you are logging in with the incorrect seed, so try:

* If you have other seeds, try those in case you sent to an address generated by a different seed.
* If you only have the one seed, try typing it in by hand and not using copy/paste. You may have accidentally missed a character when copying or including leading or trailing spaces.
* If neither of those work for you, you may have accidentally typoed the seed while logging in originally (when you generated the receive address). To check this, use the Seed Typo Recovery Tool: https://forum.helloiota.com/7000/Seed-recovery-tool-for-typos

4) If you see your address in the Address area but do not see your balance, put your address in to https://thetangle.org to validate that it shows your balance is still there and has not been spent.

5) If you see your address in the Address area, and it is visible as a transaction in the "History" > "Transfers" area, but shows as "Pending", check https://thetangle.org to make sure it shows "Pending" there as well. If it shows "Confirmed" on https://thetangle.org, go back to step 2.

6) If it shows pending on https://thetangle.org, view the bundle of the transaction. Click into each input address individually and validate that they still have funds on them. You may have accidentally performed a "double spend" where you have already spent the funds on that address. In this case, your second transaction will not be able to confirm.

7) If your transaction is pending and all input addresses have sufficient funds to perform the transaction, you will want to reattach and/or promote your transaction. In the wallet, if it gives you the option to promote your transaction, do that. If it only gives you the option to Reattach, then do that, and then Promote the new Reattached transaction. As a general rule, "Rebroadcast" will not normally help.

8) If you still cannot get your transaction to confirm, create a post in the Help area of this forum or in the #help channel of the IOTA slack. Often, full node operators will be able to assist in getting your transaction to confirm. See the "Finally" section at the bottom of this post.

* If you are sending FROM an exchange such as Bitfinex or Binance, they may not yet have sent your transaction. They have internal processes they go through prior to sending the funds to the tangle. If there is not yet a transaction hash (or Txid) visible in your exchange withdrawal history, the funds have not yet been sent -- just be patient.
* If you are sending TO an exchange from your wallet, the exchanges have been having lots of delays in processing those deposits. At times the delay can vary between 30 minutes and 2 days for the confirmed funds to appear in your exchange account. Usually, it's about 1-2 hours, but don't worry unless it has been atleast 48 hours since your transaction confirmed.
* The "reclaim tool" is not for recovering stolen funds--despite how it might sound. It is used for reclaiming funds that the IOTA foundation secured MONTHS AGO from certain individual addresses which were vulnerable to being stolen by others.

If none of these steps have helped you, please read the full initial post at https://forum.helloiota.com/588/Help-My-IOTA-balance-is-zero-steps-to-help-you-find-your-balance-v254 to understand options. If you require assistance, post a new topic in the Help category here or ask for assistance in #help in Slack. When asking for help:

* Please create a new topic instead of "hijacking" someone else's topic--it can get confusing for people helping others when there are multiple different problems in one post and it's replies.
* Please include as much information as you can, INCLUDING the address(es) and transaction hash(es) you need help with. DO NOT GIVE YOUR SEED. Without the addresses/transaction hashes, it will be very difficult to assist you.
By Winston - 3 Jan 2018

Excellent write-up. Pinned. @DysfunctionalBoss
By Kaffeemann - 19 Nov 2018

1 Question:
Are the Trinity App and the Trinity Desktop  with Ledger actually in sync?

Thanks for answer
By Winston - 1 Dec 2018

Kaffeemann - 19 Nov 2018
1 Question:
Are the Trinity App and the Trinity Desktop  with Ledger actually in sync?

Thanks for answer

In sync in terms of development? Or in sync with the tangle