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Looking for a electrical engineer, embedded devices


By citrullin - 27 Dec 2017

Hey, I'm working on a project with embedded devices. It was not Iota related but potentially there could be a connection. It is currently only a side project. My knowledge about electronic is.. basic BigGrin
So, I'm looking for someone how is really deep into this topic to work together on this topic. I'm placed in Berlin, Germany. Would be nice if there is someone nearby, but it's not necessary.

My skills:
I'm Software-Developer. Mainly Scala and Javascript.
I started with PHP, but don't like it anymore, for many reasons BigGrin. Also sometimes developing in C and Go in my spare time. Worked also as Technical Consulting, so I have knowledge about Online-Marketing as well.
By Robs84 - 1 Jun 2018

It would be helpful to descripe your project. No one knows what you want to do, so no one knows if he has the skills you are looking for.
Which "embedded devices" you want to use?

I am a mechatronics technician from Nürnberg