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IOTA Light Wallet 2.5.5 black screen


By Freely - 22 Dec 2017


When I hit the button "attach to tangle" the wallet window turns black after a short while.
I already had the same problem with the light wallet 2.5.4 and the problem still persits with the updated version. I do indeed have a Intel HD graphics 4000 card but my drivers are up to date. Anyone any idea what's the problem here?
By mrM - 23 Dec 2017

There is 2.5.6 already, try that one.
By Freely - 25 Dec 2017

Unfortunately the problem still persists with version 2.5.6...
By mrM - 27 Dec 2017

You can try uninstall it and delete everything from your users AppData/Local folder, after that install the 2.5.6 version maybe it helps.
Otherwise ask devs on slack