Hello IOTA Forum - 2.5.5 still unable to login (Repost)


By kmjatiota - 19 Dec 2017


running a full synced node (Updated to today) without any errors in the log with actually 6 neighbors. During the run last solid milestone is not updated when looking at Light Wallet Node Info and Iota-PM, but after restart of service counter is increased. Looks kinda ok to me.

I started with wallet 2.5.4 and updated to 2.5.5, using custom url and set my node. Wallet connects to it, but says "logging in" forever. Till now I was not able to login one time since install. Seed is created from /dev/random and if entering it it shows a 3 character control number.

Without being able to login further tests will not make a lot of sense :-)

Any idea?

Thank you.