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Iota - buy with usd or eth/btc coins?


By Bitbroker - 8 Dec 2017

Good evening  from Germany,

I was thinking about an invest in Iota.
As I understood Bitfinex is currently one of the best broker for Iota.

Unfortunately I don't have any USD that's why I have to transfer first EUR into ETH (or BTC) to order Iota. Later when I would like to sell some Iota I have to change back to ETH and then to EUR?

Now my questions: Which exchange currency is the most profitable one? Which you could recommend? I would prefer paying with USD, but from where shall I get themWink

I mean the USD seems to be more "stable/safe" then exchange rate of EDH?!;-) And I could calculate very simple the value in EUR.

Thanks in advance and many regards
By IOTAfan1 - 28 Mar 2019

Yeah, that's true sometimes it's really a bit complicated to find the exchange where with fiat transactions. Possibly, you can buy cryptocurrencies with the fiat and trade in this exchange without exchanging fiat into cryptocurrencies and time-wasting operations.