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I wrote a secure open source iota seed generator


By spjsschl - 8 Dec 2017

Hi, first post ;-) I made a iota seed generator for windows and linux:


I heard that some people use weird online generators, that steal their seeds and wanted to help. With this software your seed is generated on your machine under your supervision and is never stored anywhere. It uses randomness sources, that are considered cryptographically secure, and generates 81 character seeds.

The code is available, so if you read code, you can verify it does not do anything fishy.
By frederickroos - 9 Dec 2017

Good initiative! Thank you
By Digger - 15 Dec 2017

If you are on Linux you might use this one-liner:
perl -e 'open $fh,"<","/dev/urandom"; while (<$fh>) { read $fh,$n,1; $v=ord($n); next if $v>26; $p.= ($v==26?"9":chr(ord("A")+$v)); last if ++$i > 80 } print "$p\n";'

To have even higher entropy replace /dev/urandom by /dev/random, but this might block for a while until your computers' entropy pool is filled.