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PSA for fully synchronized fullnode owners! Please read this!


By Limo Tangleblog - 6 Dec 2017

PSA for people with a synchronized fullnode. Please go through your neighbors and see if you can spare a spot for new fullnode maintainers (opt. is 5-7 neighbors). We need to establish a better connection between old and new fullnodes.
If you are running a synchronized fullnode right now, please notice the newcomers in here with "I'm running a synch. fullnode and have (x) spots free. DM me!". Please keep in mind that this needs to be mutual tethering via direct messages, Also, neighbors should be reliable and maintained longterm. Please refrain from posting your IP here in the thread, thanks for your attention! Let's improve the connectivity!
By frederickroos - 9 Dec 2017

What is the maximum amount of neighbours you can have on a full node?
By Winston - 9 Dec 2017

@frederickroos 7 is recommended as the maximum I believe.