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iota.api.sendTransfer with zero value ?


By Thomas - 4 Dec 2017

I am trying to run my first test after installing and running for the first time a full IRI node with 4 peers (Still synchronizing , if that is the correct terminology here).

 I can use iota.api.getNodeInfo and it replies with the node info, and call iota.api.getNewAddress  to generate 2 new addresses, which plan to use to send a transfer from one address to the other.

So far I do not have any iota to test (and assume the iri node is using the main tangle) , so I tried to call iota.api.sendTransfer(seed, Depth, MinWeightMagnitude, transfers, options, (error, transactions) after placing  value: 0 in transfers as the number of tokens to transfer.

The iota.api.sendTransfer call fails with sendTransfer error Error: Invalid inputs provided

What is wrong ?

I am not sure if transfering zero tokens is allowed, or how to test this demo in a test tangle, or if I have to wait to have a fully synched IRI node.  Please advise.