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help - my wallet is empty after migration 6th of march 2020


By btcbit - 19 Mar 2020

Hi - Since 8th of march i miss my IOTA's (2.7 gIo). they left my wallet with bundle hash:

On iotasear.ch the bundle hast isn't found. I'm pretty lost Sad - have no clue how I can back my balance. 

Probably, i was the cause why my IOTA's were sent to a new  wallet. I did the proposed migration from my old wallet to a new wallet. Maybe that a problem is that I migrated 8th of march, but the official migration period ended 6th of march. BUT, it can't be that my balance was sent to nirvana Wink. I hope that my balance was transmitted to some suspension account, from where I can request it back... hope, hope, hope....

Help would be appreciated very much.