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Trinity Desktop Wallet 1.1.0


By Afrim - 24 Sep 2019

Hello, I have the following problem.

I downloaded the new Trinity Dekstop Wallet 1.1.0 and installed it, because I still have an old version, I immediately got an error message to reset the wallet but before saved the seed.

I did that, and now I get the message when I install my seed, I have a file I want to import. But if I do that, I get the following error message
"unknown Seedvault key"

Can I somehow open the Seedvault to enter the key manually?

IF someone could help me, that would be great! I hope i didnt lost all my miotas with That!
By Afrim - 24 Sep 2019

ok i got solved the Problem with some help from dicored Iota Help section.

i used
to see my seed.