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Using Trinity Wallet vs Exchange


By Jordanspuck - 19 Aug 2019

Hi - I would like to break this question down into two components. 

First - As I am sure most folks are aware of - Binance will be discontinuing operations with customers from the US. Does anyone know of another exchange in the US allowing one to trade Iota? It appears they are limited to mostly European countires.

Second - I have added the trinity wallet to my desktop as an additional means to move funds off of the exchange. The UI is very solid with this program. However, I am not sure that I fully understand the function of the Seed. As of now, I am able to move funds and login with simply a password. 

I also have a .kdkx file that I assume is my 81 digit seed. This file is on my desktop and backed-up on two additional USB. Apparently, you can just drag and drop this if need be to access your wallet.

Can someone help me with these questions? As of now, very little has been moved off the exchange to my wallet until I have more information here.

Thank you.