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IOTA’s Tangle Is Empowering Palm Scanning Identity Verification Technology


By anubhav27 - 15 Jul 2019

IOTA is a not-for-profit organization aimed at developing the blockchain and increasing its adoption with the growing Internet of Things (IoT). And thus, it has led to the conception of the slightly different technology from blockchain called IOTA’s Tangle. It’s a distributed ledger technology (DLT), designed precisely for IoT environments and applications.

Although IOTA stands for small amounts, the team behind it is working to develop the components required for entire cities to run within a technological mesh.

Here are some features of the system they’re currently working on to develop:
Uses open-source protocol
Allows interaction between machines
Facilitates secure data transfers
Provides instant and fee-less payments
However, without any human interaction, imagining smart cities would be impossible. So, it will require secure and convenient ways for humans to operate these interconnected pieces of machinery surrounding them.

IOTA Tangle based Power Palm Scanners:
A recent blog published on the website of IOTA revealed that Tangle is getting used to empower a ‘new biometric authentication system.’ The system will be able to identify a person by reading the patterns of their palm veins.

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By Winston - 15 Jul 2019

Interesting, thanks for posting.