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Lost my iota light wallet, what to do?


By sam2019 - 3 May 2019

Hi Guys,

Recently my laptop got stolen whit my Iota wallet in it, stupid me..
I still have the SEED and a transaction history on my Bitfinex account.

What options do I have to get my Iotas back?
I hope you guys can help me out?

Kind regards,
By CryptoHamster - 3 May 2019

Hi @sam2019,

welcome to Hello IOTA!
Sorry about the theft of your laptop, that sounds terrible.
But your IOTA are stored on the tangle, not „in a wallet“ or „on your laptop“. The wallet is just a way for you to access the tangle.
So, losing your Lightwallet is not like losing your physical wallet.
The only thing that really matters is your seed and if you are the only person to have it or if our seed also got stolen with your laptop. 

The interesting question is: are your funds are still on your address or are they gone?
If you know from your transaction history which address your funds should be at, just look it up on https://thetangle.org/ to see what’s going on.

You can also download Trinity wallet from here: https://github.com/iotaledger/trinity-wallet/releases
Go to Settings > Node and select this node from list: https://perma.iota.partners:443
Then log in with your seed and make 1000% sure that it’s really the correct seed without any typos and such.
If you've noted the checksum of your seed, pay attention and see if it matches. 
If you can’t see your balance right away after login, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Snapshot transition. You can also try a manual synch. 

If your funds are still there, move them to a fresh new seed asap.
If they’re gone, nobody will be able to get them back unless you find the person who took them.
Let me know if you need help with interpreting thetangle.org or anything else. Good luck!
By CryptoKing - 4 May 2019

Oh feel sorry for your laptop being stolen(((
I think this thread is also a very informative piece of advice