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By blockchainappdevelopment - 23 Apr 2019

Looking for a permissionless distributed ledger system to streamline your business operations? Want to tighten your grip on Internet of Things? Try IOTA, the world’s first open-source distributed ledger with a focus on Internet of Things.
IOTA derives its name from the Internet of Things (IOT). It’s a permissionless distributed ledger built to power the future of IOT. IOTA aims at fostering the IOT applications by facilitating fee-less micro-transactions at extremely fast speed and also enables data integrity for machines. It also solves the inefficiencies of Blockchain with its state-of-the-art distributed ledger technology called “The Tangle.”

How Oodles Blockchain Can Help You With IOTA based Development Solutions?

Oodles Technologies is a prominent name in Blockchain industry that provides top-notch Blockchain Application Development Services using IOTA APIs. With a high competency in building avant-garde decentralized applications, we strive to deliver value for money through our IOTA Blockchain Development Services. We have immense experience in building high-octane Blockchain based apps that run seamlessly over the internet without any intrications. Use our holistic Blockchain web and mobile solutions for an end-to-end development experience tailored to your business requirements.