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By IOTAfan1 - 11 Mar 2019

Hey guys! 
Can you please explain in details the differences between Tangle and blockchain technology?
By VladEx - 15 Mar 2019

Structure – Blockchain consists of a series of blocks of data; each one attached to the previous one in a long, ever-growing chain. The tangle, on the other hand, is constructed of a group of data nodes that flow in a single direction. And, whereas blockchain can technically loop back on itself in a circular fashion, the tangle can only move in one direction, never doubling back
Security – Blockchain boasts a higher level of security, due to its arduous block-formation process, which involves the solution of a mathematical problem and verification through group consensus. The tangle only requires that a device validate two previous transactions before it can complete one of its own and thus create a data node. This less-robust procedure renders the tangle less secure than blockchain
Decentralisation – Both blockchain and the tangle are billed as decentralised systems – free from outside interference and the associated fees and obstructions. Yet in reality, the tangle has had to implement a safeguard, which it refers to as a ‘coordinator node’. This node essentially introduces a centralising factor into the tangle’s structure and undercuts claims that it enables completely autonomous, uninterrupted transactions between the machines participating in the IoT