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By Sep Johnes - 1 Mar 2019

Hi support team,

hope you can help me to that topic. I create a new sensor device on the iota data marketplace.
The company i did it is the ifm electronic gmch. I did it to get more familar with that tangle technology.
All workd fine also the IOTA Data Marketplace API access. But now i want to connect that device
with a MAM channel. The problem is currently the node of the test net i have to create the MAM channel.
Can you please give me the node address and port?

The device itself is also not shown in the Data Market Place Map. The hop is that i create a MAM channel
and than the status of the device (currently inactive is true) will change to false. Is that right?

Thanks and best Regards

  Nick Vetter
By Sep Johnes - 1 Mar 2019

Hi again,

I thought I found the node, it is https://altnodes.devnet.iota.org. But what is the port?
You have to know that i do not use the node.js as discribet in the example. I use the
.Net Standard 2.0 library created by Felandil (https://github.com/Felandil/tangle-.net).
This MAM channle works fine.

Thanks for the help

By Sep Johnes - 1 Mar 2019


Now it worked port 443.

But the sensor is not shown in the map and its field 'inactive' is set to true. Why?
I connected a MAM and tested the MAM channel in code. Workd fine.
But on the Data MarketPlace i get the error "Sensor data can not be fully retrieved."
Can anyone explain me what i'm doing wrong here? A lot of sensors have that problem
but some are working quiet well.

Please help to get into this topic.

:-) Nick
By Sep Johnes - 1 Mar 2019


sorry forgot to give you the name of the sensor. It is 'AL-1322'.
Problem is that it will not listed on the map it is listed if you use the
browser. (https://us-central1-datamarket-617e1.cloudfunctions.net/devices)

:-) Nick
By Winston - 1 Mar 2019

@Sep Johnes
Hey Nick, thanks for the posts. You might find this more detailed info in the IOTA Discord in a dedicated #data-marketplace channel. Best of luck, and please post here when you figure out a solution.