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Locating and retrieving my lost IOTA


By fletcher7751 - 24 Feb 2019

I have held IOTA for quite some time, in the Lite Wallet, now 2.5.7 IRL 1.6.1 release
I tried to view he balance three days ago and, and it was 0
I h​ave spent three days trying to recover it in the wallet, Receive Address Attach to Tangle - wait - wait - wait -
​After ninety attempts l had to clear cache memory on laptop for other reasons, and now up to another thirty attempts and still 0
I never connected more then say fifteen times before
The last transaction l made was on 2 9 2017 when l deposited some more
I am a layperson with average pc user skills
I have tried to look on the list of captured iota with the addresses l have, without success
What address should l use there?
I cannot find the original receive address as l have installed the new version of the wallet?
I have resisted going through the recovery process in case that damages my chances of finding out where they are
Can somebody either assist or advise how l may recover them please?​​​​​
By IOTAfan1 - 10 Mar 2019

I think it happened because of the update you've installed, in this case, it's difficult to refund everything