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Looking for developer of iOS and Android app to support my product.


By bobc - 10 Feb 2019

I am developing a web services app, on speculation, to interact with the Tangle. It's based around the concept of sensor type devices transmitting data to my app, which then can be stored in the Tangle - by user choice; or left in my database. The Tangle transactions are data, not currency. My app is about three months from beta, six months from production.

I am looking for a developer willing to build a mobile app, on speculation, not for hire, that would interact with my app. I have a 14 page requirements document that lays it all out. But basically, you'd build a mobile app that accesses one, or more, of the sensors (accelerometer, barometric pressure...) found on late model mobile devices (smart phones and pads), and transmit the data to my app. Your app could provide actual IoT value, or simply be a demonstration of how a sensing device interacts with my app. IoT developers, using The Tangle, is the expected audience for your app. In my requirements doc, I discuss the expected market size, and the minimum features your app would be expected to provide. I also spell-out the benefits that I can provide, to the developer that I choose for this collaboration project.

I would like the mobile app to be in production, by the time my app is. Hopefully, Sep2019.

I'm only going to collaborate with one developer (or development team) on this. To qualify for consideration, I'm looking for a thoughtful, well-written, email that explains why you would be the best candidate for me to choose. Keep in mind, this is a pure speculation development project. I will not be paying any development fees. You would, likely, sell your app in iStore and PlayStore, as a profit making product. Maybe your app will host ads for revenue? The mobile app, that I envision, would have one view, with six fields, three buttons, a couple checkboxes. It would be able to access the sensors on the mobile device, launch a browser (to run my seed generator), and use six, or so, POST & GET REST services. I will not provide a UI design, only expected features.

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.

Bob Carpenter
By IOTAfan1 - 11 Feb 2019

Have you posted somewhere else besides this forum? 
By bobc - 11 Feb 2019

IOTAfan1 - 11 Feb 2019
Have you posted somewhere else besides this forum? 

No, this is the only forum so far.

Why do you ask?