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Will IOTA Blockchain Solution Secure Internet of Things Ecosystem?


By anubhav27 - 3 Dec 2018

Will IOTA Blockchain Solution Secure Internet of Things Ecosystem?

Internet of Things means the network of interconnected electronic devices. Here, “Things” are referred to “Smart” devices interconnected via the Internet. They inter-communicate to carry on their activities uninterrupted, with or without human intervention. Blockchain Solution emerged in this ecosystem as IOTA, a distributed ledger technology for interconnected smart devices. Since IoT remained vulnerable to security attacks being an amalgamation of many devices, data safety has been as a major issue in the technology. Now IOTA is emerging as a beacon of security solution being a cryptographically secure mechanism.

Understanding Internet of Things
IoT is a futuristic technology. Its immense potential has lead both the business and the consumer community to aggressively adopt the trend. Its demand is increasing with augmenting use cases in domestic, enterprise and business landscape. IoT is popular for its attractive features. Blockchain Solution added another strong prospect into this technology.

Here is a simple example of how IoT works. Suppose, a slot for eggs is set in a refrigerator. This smart refrigerator ‘sense’ the gradual decrease in the number of eggs. When the refrigerator finds the depletion is reaching a lower threshold, it automatically set up an order in the local shop or an online portal for a measured number of eggs. Hence, without human intervention, eggs reach the fridge. IoT can make the coffee maker start brewing the evening cup of cappuccino at home right when you set the destination in your car way back from office.
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