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Time of transaction confirmed


By longfld - 11 May 2018

Hi All
Any idea what kind of things can have impact time of a transaction confirmed,  particular a transaction with value.
Kind of seed?
which full node you used?
time of day?
your location?
By CryptoHamster - 12 May 2018

Hey @longfld,

great question, thank you!
I’ve not really thought about this that much so far. I just know what tends to work well, but not necessarily why and it's been interesting for me too to read up on that topic a bit! Maybe I can’t explain this well enough for you and maybe what I say might even not be 100% correct regarding the technical background.
But I’ll try! Smile 

There a several factors that can have an impact on your chances to get a transaction to confirm quickly. You can control some of these factors, but not all of them. Here’s what you can do yourself to make a fast confirmation more likely:

Wallet version:
Always use the latest version of the wallet. That’s just some general advice, so that you have the latest security features and to ensure that the way your wallet works will match the iri version that the nodes are running. There’s no reason I can think of to not always use the latest wallet.
Only download it from here: https://github.com/iotaledger/wallet/releases

Host Node:
Like you’ve already suggested yourself, the most important thing is really to always connect to a synced and updated node!
Here’s is a great site to find a good node that’s also close to your own location (location seems to have an impact, but I guess it’s not highly relevant): https://iotanode.host/

When you send a transaction, your device has to solve some cryptographic puzzle (Proof-of-Work = PoW).
For doing this, you can either use your GPU or CPU (see below), depending on which is more powerful on your device.
If the PoW takes a long time, your own transaction will be attached to relatively old transactions when it will finally be broadcasted to the network and it will then have less chances to be selected by the newer transactions which have to confirm yours.
Therefore, a fast GPU/ CPU increases your chances to see your transaction confirmed fast.

Curl Implementation :
The Curl Implementation, which you can select in your Node Configuration settings, determines whether you use your GPU oder CPU for doing the PoW.
Webgl 2 Curl => GPU
CCurl => CPU.
If you don’t have a powerful GPU (like most laptops for example), pick CCurl.
If you’re not sure which one works better for you, just try both options shortly after each other on the same Host Node and see how long each of them take.

Minimum Weight Magnitude:
Technically, there's more to this but basically it determines how difficult the PoW-puzzle is.
It should currently always be set to „14“. Anything higher will make PoW more difficult and therefore take longer.
The result could again be, that your transaction will be attached to relatively old transactions and have less chances to be selected for confirmation by newer transactions. Don’t set Min Weight Magnitude higher than 14 unless you’re told to do so for some reason.

Number of transactions in the bundle / „kind of seed“ (?):
I'm not sure what you mean with "kind of seed“. All seeds have 81 characters (A-Z and 9), so they’re all "of the same kind“.
But yeah, if your total balance is split over many addresses on your seed and you want to spend from many of them all at once, the PoW will take longer to do. It’s explained here (that's something I only learned today when you came up with your question): 
This could matter if you have many addresses that hold some balance and you want to send all your funds (or a large part of it) all at once.
You’ll have to do PoW for each address’ balance to be sent.
So, you might notice that it takes longer to send compared to sending from just one address.

These are just the most important factors which are in your control of when you’re using the lightwallet.
If you want to dive deeper into the technical stuff, IOTA’s stackexchange is always a good place to go. https://iota.stackexchange.com/
This is a really awesome youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG5_CT_KjexxjbgNE4lVGkg/videos
And of course you could also ask the community on our Discord. Here’s an invite: https://discord.gg/hgbDnBd