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send IOTA instead of MI from my wallet to binance


By heliosmar - 1 Mar 2018

I sent 51 IOTA instead of 51 MI from my IOTA wallet to binance and in binance I received 0.000051 which is an error, but in my IOTA wallet it now tells me zero balance. I need to recover my full balance. as I do? Here I show the status of the shipment: https://iotasear.ch/address/VFYOZALAAKWCZVUSXRHZJWIXXOVFCIZCWOLEZQNEDYGCTWRWBEKSQXWSTBA9GTSZXAVTXMFIWCSZDVJTAXUNFFKSAW
By Parker - 12 May 2018

The 0.000051 MIOTA that was received by Binance is equal to the 51 IOTA that was sent. See conversions below:
IOTA Unit Conversions

At first glance, it also looks like your transaction amount was truly 51 IOTA which would convert to 0.000051 MIOTA upon its arrival to Binance.