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Sandbox is being launched


By Winston - 28 Feb 2018

You can now get an API token for the IOTA PoWbox via GitHub OAuth integration. Simply press the button, connect your account, and include your API token with requests. (Note: You must have a verified GitHub account to use the PoWbox?—?your email address and access logs will be recorded to prevent abuse. We will observe and adjust the rate limiter as necessary to keep the PoWbox available for everyone.)


The IOTA PoWbox (Proof of Work box) is a service provided by the IOTA Foundation that enables developers to offload PoW to an optimized remote service, thus speeding up their development workflow?—?think of it as PoWaaS. Indeed, one of the more tedious parts of IOTA development is waiting for PoW, which can take a long time, especially on low-powered machines or handheld devices.

The new and improved PoWbox works similarly to the old Sandbox, but with a few major improvements