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Transaction way fraud "iotaseed.io"


By morethanwords - 20 Feb 2018

In the fraud case with "iotaseed.io" I made a report to my police office.
Now the investigators are looking for a confirmed transaction way from the victims wallet to the perpatrators wallet (maybe an exchange).
They need this as an evidence to seize the money.
Is there someone who can help me with a confirmned transaction chain?

Greetings and thanks
By CryptoHamster - 20 Feb 2018

Hi Mark, 

thanks for your post and welcome to the forum!

Since we should avoid posting any info about ongoing investigations, I'll help you via PM.

Your request is also the reason why I set up this thread to enable authorities to share exactly such info with each other:

Maybe you can consider making a post there, because it won't work if nobody uses it... But that's your own choice of course!
PM is on the way...