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Intro to IOTA: https://blog.iota.org/a-primer-on-iota-with-presentation-e0a6eb2cc621
Whitepaper: https://forum.helloiota.com/732/The-Tangle-whitepaper
GitHub: https://github.com/iotaledger
Blog: https://blog.iota.org/
Developer Hub: https://iota.readme.io/

**Best channel for communication: (Slack) bit.ly/joiniotaslack  << copy/paste url. Recent slack problems have led to some trouble, so please tag @Winston in this forum if you have trouble joining the slack channel
Less good channels for communication: (Community Forum) https://forum.helloiota.com/   |   (IOTA Forum) http://forum.iota.org/   |   (Telegram) https://t.me/iotatoken

Hello world tutorial (javascript): https://learn.iota.org/tutorial/payments-and-messaging-leaderboard
Some very basic tutorials: http://www.iotasupport.com/
Consensus Masterclass: https://forum.helloiota.com/735/Consensus-Masterclass
Double Spending Masterclass: https://forum.helloiota.com/644/DoubleSpending-Masterclass

TOOLS: https://public.tangle.works/unhack.pdf
Language/Purpose   |   Library
Javascript   |   https://github.com/iotaledger/iota.lib.js
Nostalgia (Web Wallet)   |   https://github.com/domschiener/nostalgia/tree/testnet
In-browser PoW   |   https://github.com/iotaledger/curl.lib.js
Python   |   #iota-libs-pyota in the IOTA slack (Expert: @phx)
----> Python implementation example: https://github.com/bahamapascal/CL-Wallet 

Flash channels (payment channels): https://github.com/iotaledger/iota.flash.js
----> Flash demo: https://flash.tangle.works/

MAM (Masked authenticated messaging -- encrypted data streams): https://github.com/l3wi/mam.client.js
----> Read about MAM: https://blog.iota.org/introducing-masked-authenticated-messaging-e55c1822d50e

Testnet: Rapid Prototyping
We’ve setup several full nodes and seeds (with tokens) for you to use for Rapid prototyping. As such, you are no longer required to setup a full node.
Testnet Nodes:
1   https://testnet140.tangle.works:443
2   http://p101.iotaledger.net:14700
3   http://p103.iotaledger.net:14700
Go to https://hackseeds.tangle.works to get a seed containing 2000i on the IOTA Testnet.
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