Still trying to reclaim 7.63Gi, iota foundation has gone silent, not sure what to do.

Still trying to reclaim 7.63Gi, iota foundation has gone silent, not...
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I’ve been an iota supporter for over 2 years ever since I learned of the revolutionary DAG technology. I was buying iota from ydx on slack long before they were listed on an exchange. I was running my own IRI server and compiling and using the wallet from source on linux. Everything was fine until IF changed the hash function and required the “transition”. I completed the transition through the wizard in the wallet which informed me that the transition had gone successfully. No worries I thought. I was wrong.

About a month later I learned that the transition had not in fact been successful and that my iota had merely moved from a curl address to another curl address, not a kerl address. This was probably due to some problem with running the wallet from source and not updating the curl library. I talked to CFB in slack, he said just go through the reclaim process and you’ll be fine. I did the reclaim, but nothing happened. At this point I wasn’t worried because it seemed there was already precedent to my case, another user had basically exactly the same thing happen (curl to curl transition) and IF moved his coins to a kerl address. This was discussed in a blog post here The site is now down but I screenshotted the post (images below). Dom describes a "Manual Transition Recovery" where they move the iota for the user which is what needs to happen for me.

Over the next few months and now years I made numerous attempts to get this resolved with the IF, only to be stonewalled every time, with finally Dom responding that they would not help me. I pointed out that there was in fact precedent to my case as evidenced in the blog post, to which Dom replied he had "forwarded it internally and will come back to you". I have not heard from the IF since then despite more attempts to elicit a response from them.

At this point I don’t know what to do. I don’t understand why IF will not move my iota for me as I am in the same boat as everyone who didn't perform the transition and had to go through the reclaim process and still has their iota at a curl address. If anyone has any ideas on what I can do, or who I can talk to to get this resolved I would be immensely grateful. It seems like my only option now is to move forward with legal proceedings but this seems silly given that it would be so easy for IF to rectify.

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Hey @dag_ftw,

thanks for your post and welcome to Hello IOTA!

I’m not going to take sides here or comment on the incidents you’ve described because you haven’t provided any kind of proof for Dom outright refusing to help you. I do know though that you’re not the only one complaining about the IF’s lack of responsiveness, so I’m not saying that your story isn’t true either.

But you’re not here to convince me anyway, you’re here to get help.
And while I can’t promise you anything, let’s just try to figure things out as best as we can.

There’s one thing that’s quite important, but this info is not included in your description or maybe I just didn’t get it.
Where are your funds right now? Still on your own address or taken by the IF like all other „Curl not transitioned“-balances?
Would you mind sharing which address either holds your funds now or held them before you lost access to your address?
We can then take a look at it together and see if any ideas pop up.

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