480 Mi lost in Tangle

posted Last Year
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Hello, i'm from Germany and i have a litte Problem with the Tangle.

Thats a buy on Bittrex in 2017, at that moment i can't see it in my Wallet.
I wrote Bitfinex, in January 2018, and they mail me everything is fine. Hmpf...

I can turn myself upside down and spin, I can not get them in my Seed.
(Not the "old" or "new" Wallet.

(The Seed I have created without generator, since the carry over of Bitfinex are simply never arrived at my place, but where I booked out, I have also written by their support ... In the Iota Light Wallet new addresses created without end, there just does not want to show up again)
And yes, 480 Mi Iotas are financially a joke, but were worth a few more euros at the time of purchase ;-)

The weird, another purchase over 224.8 Mi in the same period worked.
I find it both in the "old" Wallet and in Trinity.
I've already synced in Trinity, Snapshot - nothing helps.

Have anyone a idea?
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Hey @Oups,

welcome to Hello IOTA!
I don't think that there's anything you could do on your end to make the balance appear because the transaction apparently never got confirmed and will stay pending until the end of time. This is not a problem with the tangle either, it's a problem with the exchange.
This is the bundle which contains your transaction: 
If you look at the input addresses on the left side, you'll see that they are all empty.
The whole bundle is therefore invalid and none of its transactions can ever get confirmed.

You need to contact the exchange again and tell them that the transaction to your address has never been confirmed because they created an invalid bundle.
Ask them to please issue a new withdrawal transaction for you.
If they refuse, ask them for the transaction hash that proves that the transfer to your address got confirmed.

I wouldn't be able to help anyone without thetangle.org-explorer. If you feel like you want to support its developer Mathieu Viossat in maintaining his service, please consider a donation to the address shown here: https://thetangle.org/about. Thank you!

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