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hello, at me a question, I have found out that my balance mismatches that quantity(amount) that was earlier,
There was a transaction on 5.4 + Gi, but I did not do(make) it. Perhaps it has been frozen IF,
As I had earlier 2 transactions which there were pending some months?
At me was earlier balance nearby 5 Gi, but there was a transaction 5.4 + Gi which I did not do(make) and there was 376 Mi which I at once have deduced(removed) on an exchange.
If there was a theft I think all my means would be stolen, but there was a rest 376 Mi and I have thought that means have been frozen IF.
What to me to do(make)? How I can learn(find out) that has occurred(happened) to mine iotas? Explain to me please.
I have replaced an old seed with a new, old seed now the empty. But on a new seed also zero balance.
Transaction hash: I have received it at replacement of an old seed by the new.

Money has been translated(transferred) here on this 5.4 + Gi address which I did not do(make)

April 14, 2019 21:48:04 - 1 day and 3 hours ago
5.4 Gi
1 642,023 USD
Confirmedon 2019-04-14 at 21:50:20
Index in bundle
5 / 5 Weight magnitude

I will be grateful to your help, my native language not English, my native language Russian if there is a possibility the answer please in Russian
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Hi @sarmatex555,

welcome to Hello IOTA! 
Sorry I can’t reply in Russian, but I hope you can translate it somehow.
I deleted your post in the other thread because it's confusing to have the same post multiple times in different places on the forum.
Let's just keep everything to this separate topic.

First of all, the IOTA Foundation can not and does not „freeze“ people’s funds.
I assume you’re referring to the reclaims, but that’s a totally different story and it has nothing to do with your situation.

Now, here’s what happened to your funds.
The short version is that things were perfectly fine until you posted your seed today on a public internet forum.
That was a huge mistake and you lost control of your funds only because of this. 

The long version is this:
You made a transaction on June 21st 2018 that never confirmed.
You reattached it yourself the next day, but it stayed pending and it seems like you just forgot about it.
One week ago, someone (apparently calling himself „Kilroy“) has reattached this old transaction and it got confirmed. This by itself is not concerning as anyone can reattach old bundles because every transaction bundle is public once it’s been signed and sent. A reattachment is basically just another copy of exactly this same transaction that gets republished to the tangle again which increases its chance to get confirmed.

The result of Kilroy’s reattachment was that the transaction that you made yourself on June 21st 2018 finally got confirmed one week ago. 1 Miota got sent to the exchange, just where you wanted to send it to in June. The rest of 5.4 Gi went to the next unused address of your own seed. This is the address:

This address must belong to the same seed of yours because this is how all IOTA transactions are supposed to work:
to avoid the reuse of addresses, remaining funds from any address used in a transaction get sent to a fresh, new address of the same seed.
Your own transaction basically got confirmed with a delay of several months, but it’s still the same transaction that you made in June 2018.

Now, after the transaction was confirmed one week ago, your 5.4 Gi were held in the address above and still on your seed. If you’re still using the Lightwallet, you might not have been able to see the balance because after snapshots all old addresses need to be attached to the Tangle again to make the correct balance show up. Apparently, you could only see your 376 Mi, which were on a different address, but you didn’t attach enough old addresses to see your 5.4 Gi. But that doesn't mean that they were gone, you just couldn't see them. It’s not recommended to use the Lightwallet any longer, because it doesn’t get updates anymore and Trinity wallet makes things a lot easier. For example, Trinity has a snapshot transition feature that takes care of this snapshot issue and you should have been able to see your 5.4 Gi if you had used what you call your "old seed" with the Trinity wallet.

However, your funds are not on the address above anymore, they were transferred today after you posted your „old seed" here on the forum.
I know you thought that this seed was empty, but that was not the case. It was not empty before you posted it, but it is empty now because you did so.
What made you think that it's a good idea to post your seed on an internet forum? There's literally nothing that you could do to lose funds faster than this.

I know that this must be a huge shock for you and it really should be! I don't want to be mean to you, but you don't know how transactions work, how a snapshot might hide your balance and that you should never (!) give your seed to anyone. Your seed was also way shorter than recommended.
Please do yourself a favour and try to learn about all these things. And please get the Trinity wallet (latest Desktop version to use is v0.4.6) from here:  

Let me know when you're ready to take care of your funds again.
I'll be more than happy to return your 5.4 Gi once you send me a fresh address from a brand new seed that you have at least two secure backups of.
You did something very stupid today my friend, but you got lucky. Wink

I wouldn't be able to help anyone without If you feel like you want to support its developer Mathieu Viossat in maintaining his service, please consider a donation to the address shown here: Thank you!

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