[ANN] Iota Control Center - Manage your iota node with an easy to use GUI

[ANN] Iota Control Center - Manage your iota node with an easy to use...
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The Iota Control Center (ICC) is a tool to easily manage one or more remote IRI nodes from your local PC with an easy to use GUI (the ICCJ).
The ICC is divided into two parts, the Iota Control Center Receiver (ICCR), which is an application that will run on your server and be responsible for controlling the IRI (this also includes installing and updating it) and the ICCJ, a GUI that runs on your local PC and connects to the ICCR.

Basic Concept


Some features are:

  • Add new neighbours with a click and never forget their contact details any more by adding a description.
  • See the neighbours health of the last 24 hours and past 7 days
  • Install IOTA (or update it) with one click
  • Corrupt Database? New snapshot released? Easily delete the DB by using the “Delete DB” Button
  • Start the IRI with your own custom startup command (for example if you want to run it as node for your light wallet)

Getting started:

Guide for installing the ICCR: ICCR installation Guide (Linux systems only)

Guide for installing the ICCJ: ICCJ installation Guide (All operating systems)
Detailed guide of the ICCJ: ICCJ user Guide

View the ICCR on GitHub: ICCR on GitHub

View the ICCJ on GitHub: ICCJ on GitHub

Checkout the ICCR Wiki: ICCR Wiki

Version 1.0.0 and beyond

Even though we beta tested the Iota Control Center very thoroughly, there might still be bugs we didn’t find. Should bugs be found, those will get fixed.
Furthermore we plan to rewrite the code of the ICCR, to make the code base more flexible for further additions. Once that is done, work on a windows compatible version of ICCR will start.

Over one Year of development…

Yes you read right, the ICC has been in development since late 2016...release was originally scheduled for early 2017. Unfortunately not everything went as planned…
As someone who runs a bunch of full nodes, it became clear that there was a need for some tool to make management easier. So in November 2016 I made a proof of concept, outlining the idea of the ICC (Can be viewed here ).
Next step was finding a developer who could do the coding. Luckily I found a talented dev, Dana Strong ("strongwares"), who started right away. Targeted release was December/January.
Unfortunately, not to far before finalization, Dana encountered some serious health issues in the Family and development got slowed down a lot.
February 2016 was the last time I heard from Dana...
I really hope that nothing happened to him! If you read this, or know anything about him, please contact me. I still owe him a good amount of money for the development!

Development continued a few months later with Paul Handy (Core developer from IOTA) and David L.
A shout out to both of them for their contributions!
But Paul being the Core Developer of Iota and David also having some other Jobs and liabilities, both had very little time to contribute, and as such progress was slow. Especially as some IRI changes broke compatibility and parts of the ICCR needed to be re-coded.
So since a few month I have two new Developers, Ahab (Core developer for ICCR) and Kashif (Core Developer of ICCJ).
Both have done a great job and together we now finished version 1.0.0 for public release.

Donations welcome

If you like the ICC and want to support further development you can donate to:

Iota Address:

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