Snapshot Tomorrow - January 28

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This is confirmation from the IOTA team that we are scheduling a network snapshot for tomorrow, Sunday January 28th, at 16:00 UTC.
The validation period will last 6 hours from release of the proposed snapshot.

There may be degradation of network performance for a few hours around this time. Please plan for this.
If there are any changes in timing, we will keep you updated.

What is a snapshot?

There are a very large number of transactions taking place in the IOT? network. All IOT? nodes must process and store all these transactions, leading to ever-increasing memory and CPU requirements. To keep these requirements under control, a snapshot is performed on occasion. This is essentially a “pruning” of the ledger - it removes all events and addresses on the ledger which do not have a positive balance. At the end of this pruning we are left with a basic ledger, comprising a list of all addresses that contain IOT?, and their balance.

Following the snapshot a new Tangle builds on top of this basic ledger, until it grows so big that another snapshot is required.

In the future, the snapshots will occur locally with nodes deciding for themselves when to do a snapshot. However at the moment this is still a synchronized operation:
- The snapshot ledger is prepared by the IOT? team.
- The ledger is verified by the community. Verification ensures the team has processed all the transaction history correctly, during the 6 hour validation period.
- A new release of the IOT? reference implementation (IRI) is released, with the new ledger.

Nodes do not get informed automatically - there is no "secret" API call. A node can also choose to continue to run the old version and still be a part of the network. To reiterate, one can choose to run some nodes with the database as is, and keep the history, or you can upgrade.


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